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  Jack Shadbolt - I Saw a Purple Bird  1/100

I Saw a Purple Bird 1/100
Silkscreen Print on Paper
22.5 x 27.75 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
  Jack Shadbolt - Winter Birds 1/90

Winter Birds 1/90
Silkscreen Print on Paper
26 x 40 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
  Jack Shadbolt - The Charmed

The Charmed
Silkscreen Print on Paper
12.75 x 29 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
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  Jack Shadbolt (1909-1998)

Jack Shadbolt was a respected and loved artist, teacher and benefactor who made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Canada and particularly in British Columbia. He was born in England in 1909 and came to Canada with his parents in 1912. From 1928 to 1937, he taught in high schools in Duncan and Vancouver, B.C. while attending night classes under Frederick Varley at the Vancouver School of Art (V.S.A.). In 1938, he began teaching at the V.S.A. and was the Head of Painting and Drawing Section until 1966. During this time he also spent two years as an official War Artist in the Canadian Army, and a year in study at the Art Student's League in New York. Shadbolt wrote and published three books: "In Search of Form", "Mind's I", and "Act of Art". In 1988, with Doris Shadbolt, he established VIVA, a foundation granting awards to visual artists in British Columbia. He received the Guggenheim Award in 1957, the Molson Prize in 1977, and
Gershon Iskowitz Award in 1990. Also, he was awarded Honorary Degrees from four universities, and the Order of Canada. In 1989, he was made Freeman of the City of Vancouver. Shadbolt represented Canada in international exhibitions around the world, and exhibited in all major public galleries across Canada for 60 years. His works are represented in all major galleries across Canada, including the National Gallery of Canada, and in many private and corporate collections. Bau-Xi Gallery represented Shadbolt with 44 solo exhibitions in its Vancouver and Toronto locations since 1970.