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  Bobbie Burgers - Blue Anemones: Fluttered Staggered #1

Blue Anemones: Fluttered Staggered #1
mixed media relief on paper
69 x 47.5 x 3 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
  Bobbie Burgers - Floating Upwards In My Heedlessness

Floating Upwards In My Heedlessness
acrylic on canvas
52 x 52 in.  
  Bobbie Burgers - Carried Away

Carried Away
acrylic on canvas
52 x 52 in.  
  Bobbie Burgers - Unfolding #2

Unfolding #2
acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 in.  
  Bobbie Burgers - Free Fall 1

Free Fall 1
30.5 x 22 x 13 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
  Bobbie Burgers - Bobbie Burgers -Arriving at a Landscape -full colour book

Bobbie Burgers -Arriving at a Landscape -full colour book
12 x 12 in.  
  Bobbie Burgers - Mon Amour

Mon Amour
acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
  Bobbie Burgers - Autumn Spirits

Autumn Spirits
acrylic on canvas
34 x 59 in.  
available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver
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Bobbie Burgers

Bobbie Burgers is an internationally recognized artist, well known for her large scale paintings possessing strong, assured brush work and a keen contemporary sense of colour. Her work possesses a lusciousness; smooth yet wild textures and colours command the viewers attention and portray her subjects as fleeting moments in time. Believing that the tragedy of beauty is its inevitability to fade, Burgers’ work delves into complex and evolving ideas surrounding life and the contradictions that exist within it.

According to art critic Dorota Kozinska: "Her subject matter never feels excised from nature, but rather breathed in and exhaled as art. Unstructured, bold, her textured paintings reveal layers of emotions, with brushstrokes gliding across a canvas like a caress, exposing dimensions of color and tone that subvert the nature of the flower, transforming it into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions. Expressionistic, unencumbered, her large acrylic paintings belong to a contemporary school of art, and within it, to Bobbie Burgers alone."

Over the last few years, the artist states her paintings have become less about the particularities of a specific subject to "being portraits of time. In them, past, present and future play out ... simultaneously "  

As the art critic Michael Upchurch writes in his 2013 review of Bobbie’s work, “Burgers’ works are a tingling combination of visual delight and meditational memento mori. That tension between life-pulsing bloom and inevitable wilting and decay makes Burgers’ paintings as appealing to the mind as they are pleasurable to the eye.”

Bobbie Burgers' next solo exhibition will be held April 2015 at Bau-Xi Toronto.